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Dymo Corporation is an American manufacturing company of handheld label printers and thermal-transfer printing tape as an accessory, embossing tape label makers, and other printers such as CD and DVD labelers and durable medical equipment. The company is a subsidiary of Newell Brands.

A former Systems Administrator shared his thoughts about Dymo Corporation new management in a review he/she wrote for INDEED: "Once the company was sold to Newell-Rubbermaid the company was stripped of its leadership and key staff and was made simply another part of a big machine. The major parts are there but who made it run was replaced and it became simply a part of a too large a machine. The innovation and culture left and the whole of the business is left to languish rather than grow and excel."


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Former Employee - Workforce says

"Unprofessional managers and staff along with ineffective training."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Worst organizational structure for a company I have ever seen. The DYMO call center is controlled by Belgium and they have no clue what really happens there. The Belgium HQ staff are the worst micro- managers I have ever seen. Belgium is very hostile to the their support staff and require unrealistic directives that cannot be met."


"Salary is not competitive with similar jobs at other companies Bonuses and merit increases tied to Newell Rubbermaid performance (parent company) so even if mimio does well, staff (not true for managers) may not receive their increases. Merit increases are insulting at best and seem to be based more on who you know than the quantity and quality of work you perform Management and Sales has the tendency to make unrealistic promises to clients and place blame on the product person when they cannot deliver Benefits are ridiculously expensive and the coverage is awful Engineering management makes all the product decisions because they walk on water. Sales has many arrogant, loud managers who throw temper tantrums and go around product marketing to get what they want. Shared resources with other divisions of parent company (customer support, finance, legal, IT) means incredible levels of bureaucracy, and long response time. You'll spend months trying to get an answer out of Accounts Payable, Legal, Finance, etc. Executives lacking in technology and market skills. Managers let you know that either you move up or out. Annual review process is broken. HR is a clone, does nothing to represent employee issues, including reports of verbal abuse."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Micro Management Lack of advancement opportunities."

Systems Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Once the company was sold to Newell-Rubbermaid the company was stripped of it's leadership and key staff and was made simply another part of a big machine. The major parts are there but who made it run was replaced and it became simply a part of a too large a machine. The innovation and culture left and the whole of the businesss is left to languish rather then grow and excel."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Loved helping customers and assisting team to accomplish KIP goals. But you must have thick skin when dealing with irate customers. Was a great environment to work in was a second family / work family group of great people to work with."

Productiemedewerker (Former Employee) says

"Een aangename werksfeer en collega's. Geleerd om sneller en efficiënt te werken. Veel afwisseling = positiefBetaalde pauzePloegenwerk"

Eric says

"Zero technical support. Sham company. Wait on hold for hours. Been over 1 week waiting for reply fro representatives. Multiple effort on our part. Do not do business with them. Use Zebra or other brand that is legit."

Mark Owen-Lloyd says

"If you are thinking of buying a Dymo Labelwriter Wireless, don't. It does not work, cannot rpnit wirelessly and is, as a printer, as much use as a bowl of dogfood"

LesLey Crowther-Scott says

"I have been waiting over a month for my order I think this company is the worst company on the internet and are a bunch of crooks don't deal with them. I have complained and they just say they are busy. I shall never deal with them again and have already complained both to candy crush and facebook who advertise their products. Dreadful company dreadful service complete sham.I wouldn't have given them one star they arent worth any. Lesley Crowther-Scott"

Paul says

"I purchased one item from the Dymo website and was sent the wrong item. I returned it and 14 days after they took receipt of the return I am still waiting for a refund. Have just sent my 3rd email to their useless customer service."

Alan Cox says

"I have used Dymo equipment for years and I have LabelWriter 450 and a 2 x Plug and Play Label Managers that have failed twice due to faulty batteries. I was not aware that this was a common fault until I started to look at some of the reviews for this item. I must admit that I was very surprised at how many people had suffered from battery failure and the printer will not work without a working battery so it is useless. The cost of a new battery is around £30 and when I wrote to Dymo and asked if they had sorted the battery problem out the offered me one for £17.00 as a good will gesture. As I only use this printer occasionally - it does not get a great deal of use but I can't see the point of purchasing another battery that could fail in another 2 years so I will be purchasing a Brother Printer as a replacement as their review appear to be much better."

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